Foxy with The Foxley 

If you’re going to invest, do it wisely. I think the saying is that there is always money in bricks and water – but you’ll find happiness in shoes and bags!

Having quickly got the shoe side down with Fairfax and Favor, it was time to further my  investments and I had my eyes on the prize: The Foxley. I used my first Burghley experience to head over to the Fairfax and Favor stand and check out their brand new bag: The Foxley clutch bag. It has launched in 2 colours, navy blue and black. Having planned the majority of my evening wear for my trip already, I opted for black – simple yet elegant.

Let me take you back a few steps and you’ll understand the obsession…

Although my heart lies in the Country, I have carved my career in the City of London. The city life (although manic) is a place where I spend so much time with late nights both at work and hitting the town! But sometimes you need a change of scenery and that’s where I debuted my new prize accessory – LAS VEGAS BABY!

The outfit is everything, not just in Vegas but a lot of her time – head to toe has to be on point – so I needed the staple brands and pieces I could rely on. Did you know that over 50% of someone’s mind has been made up about you, purely based on your appearance? I’m sure that the majority of that decision is based on your bag and shoes as woman!

Something you cannot fault Fairfax and Favor for is their impeccable customer service. The bag arrived perfectly packaged and was on my door step not even 24 hours after placing the order. We all love packaged presents from me to me and this was no exception.

As ever, Fairfax and Favor packaging is always on point. You know it’s your delivery before you’ve even opened the box with that unmistakable branded white tape round the edges of the box. (I wish I had a picture to show you but I was far too excited and opened the box like a kid at Christmas!)

*cue opera music* The BIG reveal! And there it was! Arrived just on time to wiggle into my suitcase, ready for take off in the morning. I opted for black out of the 2 colours available. I loved the Navy Blue when I saw it at Burghley and would say that would have been my option should the nights out be more low key, but I was going for that statement, big city look with black on black.

The quality is undeniable. A gold popped button to close matched with the Fairfax and Favor logo on top; perfectly positioned for maximum attention. I don’t want a clunky bag, nor do I like clutch bags with long straps. I don’t agree they look glamorous, but I agree they’re practical. Fairfax and Favor have put done themselves and found a creative compromise between the two with a leather wrist strap.

Let’s be honest, put your hand up if you’ve ever had one too many tequilas and dropped your handbag? Or left it on the bar? Yeah, we’ve all been there! I swear the wrist strap is the reason I still have my phone, purse and make up with me today!

Inside, is simplistic and elegant – beautifully lined with plenty of space for an iPhone, lipstick and purse. A timeless piece to add to the collection.

You only get one chance to make a first impression so make sure you turn heads ladies and look Foxy with The Foxley.

Click here to take a sneak peak!

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