Frank and Grace 

For those of you who who love country style will know the brand Frank and Grace. Owned by Daisy and based on their family farm in Essex, Frank and Grace have really made their mark on the country fashion scene. I was lucky enough to go and visit Daisy and her family on their family farm and I had the best time! Here’s what happened…

We rock up to just about the tidiest farm I have ever been on, and have a warm welcome with wagging tails from Lexie and Jarvis…and there was Daisy, so effortlessly stylish in duck egg blue trousers, a pheasant print shirt and a classic pair of Fairfax and Favour Regina boots.

We headed into their home (serious interior envy!) and sat down to a homemade quiche with fresh eggs from their farm…and a cuppa of course!
It was so great to finally put a face to the name and hear all about Frank and Grace (make sure you read to the end for the exclusive Frank and Grace interview!)

Whilst the chaps were setting up for shooting, Daisy showed me her design studio and the drawings behind her beautiful range. With a Savile Row tailor background, the attention to detail that goes into every indivisible piece is amazing. I was in complete awe!

We headed to the stock room – this was what I was really excited for – and there it was – Faux Fur heaven.

My face must have looked like the emoji with love hearts for eyes! I immediately spotted the Dora gilet on one of the mannequins and couldn’t help myself but to try it on.

The quality is at a level you don’t come across often, especially when combining tweed and Faux Fur into one piece. I’ve personally never felt faux fur like it.

Whilst we still had a chance before the heavens opened, we jumped into the Land Rovers and onto the farm.

Stood opposite a towering JCB, the clays were driven and being dusted out the sky one after the other.

Daisy is a REALLY good shooter (don’t believe otherwise!) and was putting me to shame…not that it’s hard to!

Obviously the only thing to wear was my Frank and Grace Fedora Ferret in Emerald Green!

As the skies turned grey, we made a beeline back to the house and I got the chance to ask the questions we all wanted the answers to; an exclusive interview with the person behind this beautiful brand!


So Daisy, how did you get into design?

Having spent family summer holidays in the Scottish Highlands, I soon developed a love of tweed. When I was 15 my dad took us to Campbells of Beauly, a bespoke tailor that made all of my dad’s suits. He treated us each to a jacket. From the moment I walked into that shop, I knew I wanted to be a tailor. It was like walking into a sweet shop for me. Everything from being measured  to choosing the cloth and the lining was amazing. 17 years on and I still have my jacket although it’s a bit like Trigger’s broom!
I studied at the London College of Fashion and later worked as a tailor on Savile Row – attention to detail is key in all my deisgns.

2. What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

I has to be the snood in the Madagascan faux fur. It was the very first and original Frank and Grace design. You won’t believe just how soft it is!

3. Why did you decide to use faux fur rather than real fur for Frank and Grace?

It’s incredibly high quality faux fur and ticks all the boxes for what I wanted to create for the range. I wanted to use a product that was traceable and responsibly made. The faux fur I use is not like the old faux fur you might be used to that feels plastic and fake. The material we use is beautiful in itself.

4. Where did the name Frank & Grace come from?

Both Frank and Grace are my children’s middle names and are names that I loved.

5. What was your inspiration behind the Fedora Ferrets?

I wanted to create a hat pin that was totally different and original. It is easily identifiable with Frank and Grace and comes in a variety of colours too.

6. How do you balance running a small business with running a farm and family?

With great difficulty! There isn’t a moment in the day I am not busy. I also have the horses and dogs to take care of – it’s always jam packed!

7. What do you have in the pipeline for Frank and Grace?

There are so many exciting pieces to reveal but it’s all top seet for the time being! If you like knitwear and tweed, you’re in for a treat. We also have some new prints to include too.

8. Where do you see Frank and Grace this time next year?

We will be ready to launch into shows and country fairs – maybe the Game Fair? Who knows?! I will be expanding the exisiting range with some very exciting new pieces.

9. Where do you get your inspiration?

I am always cold and that’s where I got the idea to make myself a snood. I deisgn pieces I like to wear myself and keep it traditional with individual flairs. It’s all about being cosy and warm in our pieces!

10. Tell us something about Frank and Grace that no one knows!

The icoinc Dora gilet is actaully named after my great granny Dora!

To wrap the day up, we had the opportunity to visit the chickens. As a child my dad tried to make me pick one up but those little guys are pretty quick – it’s no easy task! My boyfriend David did manage it whilst providing great entertainment at the same time!

We are very lucky and we’re given some super fresh eggs to take home with us which we had the next morning for breakfast…even my mum came over for breakfast to give them a try!

It’s clear to see that Daisy is paving the way in faux fur and is a brand to watch. I don’t think I have ever wished for the cold weather to whip round but with beautiful pieces like these, how can you not!

To shop the full Frank & Grace range, click here. Use discount code KATE10 to get 10% off the entire range too!

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