Style It Out: My First Polo 

You may have read my previous blog posts (Canter Banter and Canter Banter: Part 2) where I had (attempted) tried learn to play Polo. It goes without saying that it’s not the easiest of sports to learn and requires a lot of coordination. However, something I am very good at though is sipping British Polo gin and socialising.

Come Saturday 17th June and I decided to hang up my mallet in exchange for a champagne picnic with the Fairfax and Favor team at Beaufort Polo Club. I am sure it comes as no surprise that Saturday was the first time I had attended a Polo event and so I was a little clueless as what to wear. Links to my outfit at the bottom of the page…

The dress code was ‘smart-casual’ and with the weather set to be a scorcher, I opted for a simple off the shoulder white dress from ASOS. Although I live under an ‘equestrian rock’ so to speak, I know that white is a common polo colour so thought it would be a safe bet.

The full outfit!

The footwear decision was easy: I had to wear my tan Regina boots! They make my legs look long, slim and how can you possibly attend a Fairfax and Favor event and not wear their most iconic boot! I am so guilty of wearing my Regina’s with pretty much everything and anywhere too. Have a look at my last blog ‘Tassels in Town’ or my Instagram and you’ll see what I mean!

The Regina boots from Fairfax and Favor

Keeping with the tan boots, I rocked the original tan tassels to go with them. There I was, stomping the divots with my tassels shimmying either side of me.

Stomping of the divots

Being one to love matching my shoes with my bag I didn’t just treat myself but totally indulged in the new Fairfax and Favor Highcliffe Bag and proudly had it hanging from my shoulder all day. The Highcliffe is deceiving in size; it looks perfectly petite from the outside but open the magnet-close flap and there are 2 compartments to use. The first is small and slim which was ideal for my iPhone and the main compartment was the right size for my sunglasses case, some make up, purse and a small sun cream tube.

Never one to be the same, and to add a silky flair, I tied the new Frank and Grace ‘Beau’ scarf to the side of my Highcliffe bag. It wasn’t long before I had the girls admiring the stunning feather pattern and the excellent quality.

Neutral complimentary colours with elegant touches

I loved that I could swap the scarf for a bag accessory to an elegant neck tie. It gives you an entirely different look and so different to everyone else. I am going to visit Daisy at the Frank and Grace HQ in just a few weeks and I can’t wait to see all the new pieces about to be launched!

The Highcliffe Bag paired with the Beau scarf from Frank & Grace

Although I was at the Polo, I didn’t want to go all out and wear equestrian jewellery so instead decided to wear the matching Bumble Bee necklace and earrings from HiHo Silver Jewellery. The Hiho team are amazing and so helpful you wouldn’t believe – it’s the only place I will go to for my jewellery now. You can rely on the quality (and the compliments!) when wearing any HiHo piece so that was simply a no brainer!

Wearing the Beau scarf as a neck tie with HiHo Silver Jewellery

The Bumble Bee set was classy and understated – a must have for anyone’s wardrobe. They’re my new favourite pieces and I have already been caught wearing the necklace at work this week!

The Bumble Bee set from HiHo Silver

I had such bag envy all day! It was boarder line heart wrenching! I think my next splash out will be the Fairfax & Favor Drivers and maybe the Hurlingham Tote or Pembroke bag maybe? Suggestions welcome!

Something I loved about my outfit is that every piece is something I could wear again, and not just to country events but to work or casually too. I hope you love my choice of outfit just as much I do! Follow the links below to have a look at the exact items I wore:

Dress: ASOS
Boots: Fairfax and Favor 
Earrings: HiHo Silver
Necklace: HiHo Silver 
Scarf: Frank and Grace (launching Autumn 2017!)
Bag: Fairfax and Favor

Kate In The Country xx


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